Sleepy Sunday

Well, today is kind of a slow day. Friday night I actually made it out to play some darts with people from work. I have not turned into a dart nut yet, but I am actually getting better at it. Some of the people I play with do have some talent though. Hopefully I can catch up. Then when I got home I got back to the new addition Gunbound if you have not played this game, do so some time soon. Well, I have tons of ideas for the website and I will start working on them soon, at least I got the blog working now.

Yesterday, I actually watched a couple of movies. Dreamcather is a stinker for sure, but it was somewhat entertaining… I guess it killed a couple of hours. Then we watched Boat Trip with Cuba Godin Jr, and I am not sure which one was worse. Also rented a couple of other movies Bad Boys II and Identity, maybe I will watch then today. I already saw Bad Boys at the teathers so I know that one will be good. Identity, not so sure but got to give it a try.

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