100 Things

Changing things a bit with the list, the original post is still bellow (plus a couple of updates.)

Places To Visit

Rio De Janeiro
Las Vegas (done)

100 Things About Me you might not know :)

    1. My middle name is Freddy, not Frederic or Federico.
    2. I refuse to wear solid red or pink clothing.
    3. I miss my Rugrats mousepad.
    4. I had a pierced ear, but it closed up.
    5. I skipped freshman and sophomore in high school… long story.
    6. I have really bad astigmatism, to the point that Laser surgery is not even an option. Interesting enough my eye doctor told me that the only other group of people people that she has ever seen with as much astigmatism were from a Navajo tribe.
    7. My favorite color is green but at times is also blue. I guess we can settle it and call it teal.
    8. The first video game I played was a generic dig dug at an arcade in Colombia.
    9. I tasted cow brains once.
    10. I own a guitar, but can only play a couple of songs and not that well.

    11. I kept my senior t-shirt for years and refuse to throw it away. It eventually just stopped existing.
    12. I started 1st grade when I was four years old.
    13. Don’t care to meet any celebrities.
    14. I love the Harry Potter series, read some of the books more than 5 times.
    15. I think I can sing.
    16. I’ve touched a live shark.
    17. I love dragons, they are my favorite mythological creature and have a tattoo to prove it.
    18. My nickname back in Colombia used to be Gato… now that I think about it LOGTAR… weird
    19. I had a hamster that required surgery.
    20. I’ve only had stitches in my head (twice on my face and on each ear drum), but never anywhere else in my body.

    21. I’ve never broken a bone… unless you count one of the bones inside of my skull being blasted by a laser.
    22. I have to take my watch off to type.
    23. I never had an invisible friend growing up, but kind of wanted one.
    24. I don’t like fast food French fries thanks to being an employee if McDs during college.
    25. Had a pet bird for 10 years. And a cat for 15 years RIP Shayla.
    26. I am a total Fish Geek.

    27. Don’t like to sleep during the day. No siestas for me 😉
    28. Did not drink tea until I read a book that made it sound delicious.
    29. I can eat a full meal (as in rice, egg, meat, potatoes) first thing in the morning.
    30. I can think and dream in both English and Spanish.

    31. Dream in color.
    32. Rode my first motorcycle when I was 8.
    33. Also had my first kiss at that age, that was a good year.
    34. I am claustrophobic.
    35. I love public transportation, I miss being able to get downtown in 20 mins via train.
    36. I was baptized Catholic and still follow the teachings of Cathol.
    37. Wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up… is there still time?.
    38. Love watching cartoons and anime.
    39. Won second place in a science fair and my friends Mom never shared the price money.
    40. Love Math and Science.

    41. Accounting was never a favorite subject, even though my Dad is an accountant.
    42. Listen to MP3’s all day… since before the IPOD, spent plenty of time ripping my CD collention.
    43. I used to wake up early just to watch Nova when I was a kid.
    44. Love to play chess. Want to see if you can beat me?
    45. Listen to and enjoy music in languages I don’t understand.
    46. Miss living around mountains.
    47. Want to speak at least 5 languages some day.
    48. I am probably going to learn French next.
    49. Have fallen off a horse, and gotten back on.
    50. Actually don’t mind wearing a tie to work.

    51. Have sang on a stage.
    52. I used to rule Soul Calibur, but Mark and Travis both beat me on Gamecube
    53. Proud to be a geek.
    54. I’m definitely a morning person.
    55. I’m not ticklish.
    56. Want to visit Barcelona before I die.
    57. Used to want to visit the Pyramids, but it has fallen lower on the list now.
    58. I used to be a dog person, until I lived with a cat, now I like both cats and dogs.
    59. Love to be in darkness while watching TV or playing video games.
    60. Had a pet turtle growing up.

    61. Have the same birth date as one of my good friends, just different years. Come to think of it, I’ve met 4 people with my same birth date as mine.
    62. Don’t like my birthday being celebrated.
    63. Loved talking for hours with my GrandPa.
    64. I have a birthmark on my back in the same place as one of my cousins.
    65. I can fold my tongue.
    66. Love to cook.
    67. Have partial hearing loss in my right ear, even after they went in there with a lazer
    68. Donate blood whenever possible, and I am a registered bone marrow donor as well
    69. Don’t like chocolate.
    70. Attempted to learn how to write with my left hand, but gave up (I’m right handed).

    71. Think I’m funny.
    72. Think you are crazy for reading this far.
    73. Addicted to watching movies.
    74. Retired blackberry user and now doing the whole android thing.
    75. Don’t like claymation.
    76. Don’t like puppets.
    77. Find mimes amusing on Eurotrip, everywhere else I find them creepy.
    78. Never been to the Opera, but want to, since I love listening to that type of music.
    79. First Pro baseball game that I went to was a Chicago Cubs game.
    80. First Pro football game I went to was a Chiefs game, but I am a Bears fan.

    81. Love milk.
    82. Love artificial cherry flavor. But not natural cherries all that much.
    83. My favorite Dish is actually Korean.
    84. Like to learn about different religions.
    85. Used to drink way too much caffeine, I have since given up drinking sugary soft drinks.
    86. Don’t like talking on the phone, but can chat online for hours.
    87. Would like to be a better writer and get something published some day.
    88. Was blond when I was a kid.
    89. Did non’t like pick up trucks. Now I am thinking of getting a big white truck with black rims
    90. Lost the tape dispenser on my desk.

    91. Had GPS on my cell phone before everyone else, no really…
    92. Wish I stayed in contact with some people from my college days but lost touch, thanks Obama.
    93. Actually like to have cereal for dinner.
    94. Can go to the multiplex and watch 3 movies in the same day.
    95. Don’t mind washing dishes.
    96. I am allergic to dust.
    97. Never gotten drunk on tequila.
    98. Had the bad habit of wearing my wallet in my back pocket and it caused me back problems.
    99. Have LED lights in my home computer.
    100. Have actually seen the late Pope JPII in person.

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