Gout Pain

Before you continue reading, make sure you have a glass of water next to you. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Uric acid crystals will cause pain and inflammation. Dealing with the inflammation and pain is one thing, but the real culprit is the uric acid.

There is really no shortcut to getting rid of gout pain, you have to flush the uric acid crystals from your system. Water is required. Problem is that when you are experiencing the pain, you want it to stop NOW, not a couple of weeks from now. Gout will teach you patience, that’s for sure.

If this is your first flare up, don’t worry too much, it will get worse. The following are some of the remedies that have worked for me.

Day 1 – Ibuprofen + Water (Lots of it)
Day 2 – Continue with day 1 but add aspercreme with lidocaine
Day 3 – Ice has helped. Heat has not worked for me, but it could for you.

Find your prefer way to drink lots of water. I personally like to add lime or lemon juice since the citric acid helps get rid of the uric acid. That said, gatorade or whatever you prefer drink it. Lots of it, because the more you pee the quicker the swelling will go down and the pain will end.

While you are in excruciating pain start thinking of what triggered your attack. For me it is red meat and beer. It does not fail that when I consume too much of those two, I can expect a flare up to follow. Reducing or eliminating the triggers from your diet is probably the best way to prevent future attacks. Of course there are pills you can take to reduce your uric acid, but I prefer to not have to take pills on a regular basis.

Starting 2016

One of the most difficult things to admit in life is that people around you affect you in ways you don’t realize right away. One of them was the association that I made of people with activities.

Previous relationships have really tainted some aspects of my life, from photography to even blogging. An activity you used to enjoy or shared with someone can become something that you really don’t want to do as much anymore. That really has slowed down a couple of hobbies that I used to have and I am trying to leave that back in 2015.

Removing people from an activity requires the mental cleansing that sometimes does not happen over night, but admitting that the people are part of the issue seems to help. It can be as simple as that hot dog stand that you used to visit with a person, or that trail you once though was the most awesome place in the world.

I admit that one of those activities was blogging. I had really loved it but started to associate negative things to it. From the fear of an employer reading and misinterpreting something, to the fear that every word can be scrutinized in the future and turned against you. I wondered if it was better to just let go of the blog altogether and start using another venue for writing. Then a kid entered the picture and this new community of bloggers opened up to me.

I don’t think this is a daddy blog per-say, but I am a dad that happens to also be a blogger. I do want to share my experiences with it while still keeping this what it had been in the past. This along with other hobbies is what I want to concentrate on 2016. Waking up once again little aspects of my life that kind of went dormant for many reasons.

This place has always helped me organize thoughts. While the ranting sometimes simply confuses some people others seem to get lots out of it. As long as this place continues to help me and once in a while it sparks something for others, it will continue to be a positive for me.

The Radicalization Of America

Go get a drink, I’ll wait.

I have to start this post by adding to my disclaimer. This post is in no way an attack on America, the military, police, men, religion, race or politics. I am just trying to figure out something in my head and this exercise is always easier when I write. I put ideas in this blog so that others can expand upon them, I don’t try to put this out there to be a contrarian in any way. In fact what I want to do is be constructive.

All the talk of radicalization of Muslims has made me start thinking of something just a pervasive, the radicalization of America. While Donald Trump is doing a great job at exposing it, we cannot blame him for radicalizing the country. The first glimpses of it was when I watched the movie American Sniper. It simplified the world into sheep, wolves and sheep dogs. When you do dig deeper into the origin of the quote you find that it was a little more complex of an idea by a Lieutenant Colonel.

If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen: a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath—a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? Then you are a sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the hero’s path.

David Grossman

I went to high school in the Chicago area, gangs were a reality there. Besides learning about colors and how I had to be careful what and who i said it to, the thing that stuck with me the most is why people joined gangs. The need to belong and be protected is natural in most people. A family provides that for most of us, but what happens when you don’t have a strong family structure. You fall prey to the mentality of I need someone to provide that sense of family. The same can be said about community.

We all marvel at what ISIL (who I like to call Daish since it suposedly pisses them off) has been able to do to recruit and radicalize people into horrible atrocities. Are we maybe missing the mark by not seeing what is being done with our own population?

A recent trend has the introduction and use of the term “soft target” aka sheep. If you associate the very negative connotation of children being murdered that should be enough to end the gun control talk with most, but that did not happen. I have a theory as to why it did not.

Guns in this country are part of the culture. One thing people don’t think about is that also part of the culture is the “hero” and “warrior” mentality. To a certain degree it is also something most people associate with manhood.

As a parent now I have become even more protective than I was before. I always though of myself as a guardian and martial arts always thought me about self defense. I never felt that the best defense is offense. Avoidance was always preferable to confrontation, specially if I had the upper hand. However, that is not what our military programs people to do. I don’t have statistics of how different the post deployment debriefing is compared to WWII, but the fact that there is a fast track between military service to police department and a mix of PTSD and you have in my opinion a recipe for disaster.

I have seen a trend this last year of using memes to hook people into ideologies, not from ISIS but from veteran groups. The first meme starts with a simple, take care of our troops before you take care of refuges. Not a position I would ever take but I can see how it rings true with some people. Then the next one from that same source is more radical, a veteran relaxed with the text; just let me know when I can start shooting people. Then the cherry on top is a block text proclamation of “We are full, F@ck off!”

I have seen this stuff re-shared by people I know. I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how xenophobia is spread so easily. Then it hit me, we are being pushed into a warrior class again rather than guardians. Yes I also loop cops into this conversation and here is why.

Warrior class is something that modern warfare had made something of the past. I’m not saying that every person that joins the military does so because he/she wants to become a warrior. Most of them do though, and some of them end up eventually being our police. Also, some of those police officers also have the warrior mentality in them. Not just protect and serve, which is supposed to be the motto.

I also take that one step further. Most people don’t want to be a sheep, and what makes you feel powerful and not vulnerable? A gun. The moment someone threatens to take that gun away, they are basically making you into sheep because you are not a wolf, you have to be a sheep.

America is being radicalized into thinking that guns are the only thing that is keeping you from being a victim. First it was just for home safety from robbers. Now it has grown up to terrorism. Next will be from your own government. This country is little by little being told a lie that in the end is just about someone making more money.

Time to pick on the Christians

I might have an explanation for Christians believing that there is a war going on on Christmas, and it goes beyond just the air of political correctness that is currently lingering like the proximity to a garbage dump. I think people have just bought into stupidity via proxy. If a talking head is outraged, well, so should you! More so if the person claims to be something you are.

I am not talking about just the latest insanity over overpriced coffee. It baffles my mind that there are people out there that actually believe that there is a war on Christmas and also a war on Christianity as a whole. I do know people that in the bottom of their hearts think that Muslims are taking over and we “as Christians” should reproduce to take the balance back! That at least is something I can find some positive spin on because it leads to more shagging.

Ignoring most of this stuff has become almost a past time for me. I see how many post I can stand before I hide someone from my feed. I can stomach about 3 post and then un-follow. So my life is pretty boring since most of those voices have been muted. I am no authority in the matter of Christianity ever since I totally forgot about lent one year (too much work I suppose and not enough visits to actual church) and I ate mean on a Friday. Instead of inspiring the usual Catholic guilt, it made me say “well, wasn’t the tradition pretty much an economic/political move by a pope?”

My Christian walk since then has been full of bumps. And recently the birth of “tiny tyrant” has re-sparked my interest on the divine and providence and even full on Catholicism.

Enter our family adopting two wonderful new pups. A very interesting story on its own, they were already more famous than I could ever be at barely two weeks old.

We decided to adopt the pups and in trying to decide on names with opted for 2 names that started with N. Nala and Nero. Easy to pronounce, somewhat distinct sounding but still similar. There was thought put into it but no nefarious intentions. I did not want to piss someone off.

The dogs were being fostered by a volunteer, we have since become friends since they also have a daughter and are transplants to the area. They are exceptionally nice people.

The day before the adoption was final I went to the Great Plains SPCA location where they were first dropped off and paid the fees. I also wanted to buy some things from their store to support them a bit so I got collars and tags from them. I then happily posted it on facebook, as you do with anything that you want to brag about and I tagged the foster mom. Never in a million years did I think I was going to get the response I got from one of their friends.

Nero and Nala
Nero and Nala

Friend of the Foster Mom · Friends with (Foster Mom)
Interesting choice of name in Nero, Biblically speaking, with its implications.
My Response
John Guzman I don’t remember Nero being in the bible at all… just the emperor that is blamed for burning down Rome. We will keep a eye on Nero for sure, but I think Nala will be the trouble maker.

Not going to lie, I was a little concerned that the foster Mom was going to freak out about us adopting the dogs if I went all out on responding to the dude. So I held back. Now that we have the pups and I was able to determine that this guy was just an acquaintance and not a friend I can vent.

See, that dude is the problem with Christianity in this country. Christianity in the way I was thought was more about accepting others and kindness than being right. Today, even naming a dog can be considered a trespass to some of these crazy people because well, he killed Christians… therefore you are naming your dog Christian Killer. Like seriously, who is up at 4 AM in the morning trolling facebook to make religious arguments about how a dog is name. That is way beyond me.

The dog is actually named Nero after Nero Wolfe the detective. Not quite called Batman but close, right? The only fear I have is that he might burn down the house. Well no, not really.

So fellow Christians, if you have never met or interacted with a person before; what makes you think that starting a argument with them about religion is going to do to their perception of other fellow Christians?

Talk to ME Dr!

Everyone puts a lot of trust on doctors. I am not about to attack the profession. I respect it, I have doctors in my family. I have doctors that are my friends. That said they are still human beings and do not have WebMD downloaded into their brain. They make mistakes, your health is YOUR responsibility and also the life of your child.

After enduring the various videos the hospital made us watch. “You will kill your child driving home 2” followed by “Your child will die while they sleep 15.” You are petrified by the whole experience of childbirth and here comes the never-ending flow of information on how you will more than likely mess up somehow and put your child’s life in jeopardy. Did you know a simple infection can leave your child blind, or that talcum powder will give them asthma? Did you know that there also tons of unexplained reasons why a child just does not make it.

I feel sorry for everyone that has to go through any of this and lose a child, or even go through the pain of a miscarriage. I sincerely don’t think all the gloom and doom videos can help to prepare you mentally for a loss of that magnitude. So inside of this frame of mind think of how it will feel when a Dr start going through a chart and talking to a resident rather than talking to you.

Again, we have been very lucky, dare I say blessed that our little tyrant was very healthy. That said she did not cry a ton when she was born (which worries you because that is what you see on TV.) and she was also tiny. We had no clue about this, but on an early ultrasound they found something that the tech noticed. We were never informed and the Dr discussed it very non nonchalantly with the resident. First time hearing about this and other things that ended up being “normal” terrified me to no end. I was patiently waiting for the Dr to be done with the conversation and come and address us, when they both just left the room.

I was pretty livid.

Naturally I wanted someone to suffer the anguish and anxiety I was feeling because that is the productive thing to do. I kept it together and found a nice nurse that came in and went through the whole chart with us in detail and explain what she could. She did put in a note for them to come back and go through things with us.

A resident came by the next day and more terrified than helpful he did not say much. I did catch the Dr eventually and had a conversation with her. What she told me kind of baffled me.

She said she was very surprised. Most parents in that hospital did not want the details or even review the charts of the kids. She told me that our daughter is lucky because we were already ahead of the game by being involved and interested. I’m still shocked for many reasons.

– How do doctors become so used to patients not caring… even for their own children.
– Maybe the reason they give you all those videos is that more people take an active role?
– Am I just that paranoid?

I am thankful that everything was. Everything is normal with the baby. I am more relaxed about things now, but still super freaked out because being a control freak and having a child are pretty mutually exclusive. I can only hope for the best and be involved.

Watching a TV show gave a new dimension to this conversation. Without going into too much detail a summer camp for blind children talked about how the goal was for them to learn to become their own advocate. Not so much about educating their PE teacher about how they could be included, but the child saying hey I can play kickball if you use this ball that makes a sound. Or I can run with someone if you use a rope for me to hold with someone.

I am learning this parenting thing little by little, but the lesson here to me is that we need to be advocates for ourselves and teach our children the same. They need to be responsible for that advocacy and make sure they understand that it is important to speak up.

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